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(Updated 14 September 2018)
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Oxshott Medical Practice Patients' Participation Group have organised a talk by Canine Partners in the Large Hall at the Oxshott Village Centre on Thursday 4th October at 7:30pm - All Welcome!
Temporary Road Closure of A244 from 17 July 2018 for a period of 12 months for alterations to the entrance to Danes Hill School and other tasks
Litter Picking - The next formal date is WEDNESDAY 25 JULY - rather than start together it seems sensible to start at say 10am in the area where you live and then meet for Coffee afterwards at 11.30am in the Village at Munch and Wiggles.
Application for 2100 Homes, school, shops and sports facilities on Wisley Airfield - rejected, but still currently in the Guildford Plan.

 The History of Oxshott - Re-Printed

Revised, re-printed and re-published. Now available on CD or in hardcopy. Purchase on-line for delivery to your home or for collection.

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